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Web Applications- Google Docs

October 31, 2012

Many students want to know about good web apps that they could use to help in their studies. Google Docs is a suite of web tools that is perfect for the task. What makes Google Docs good is it is free and supported by the innovation of Google. These tools help students to develop and share vital information easily. The biggest reason to use Google Docs is the fact it is free, unlike Microsoft. This link gives us some ideas of the benefits of Google Docs:

The biggest advantage of using Google Docs is students can collaborate on work together. Much like a Wiki, others can edit and add information to the document. This ability for collaboration means that there are no barriers to who students can work with. They are no longer confined to their own class.

As I was researching for this post, I came across information on digital kits. This is a great idea for teachers and students and shows the advantages of using Google Docs. Basically, Google Docs allows you to keep and modify digital images for use in projects. Here is the link to an article on digital kits:

This article gives us 50 ways to use Google Docs:

Google Docs is a great for teachers and students, and this web application is valuable for anyone in education who wants to collaborate and create content. Google has established a suite of web tools that are easy to use and share. If you are looking for a productive tool for education, look no further than Google Docs.


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  1. Robert, looks like you and I are on the same track with regard to Google Docs. While it isn’t as feature rich as MS Word it is certainly a serviceable word processing app. It is a great tool, as you stated for collaboration. One can put together the information or content needed while collaborating in real-time via the chat window and when done you can dress it up in Word if need be. I use it all the time. I seldom fire-up Word anymore. I really like having my documents available to me regardless of whether I am at home or at work or what computer I am sitting at.

    Thanks for the links to the resources. I’ll be checking those out shortly.


  2. jennhund permalink

    I’ve been learning more and more about google docs this year, as our school district has been supporting our use of this technology. I have found, however, that it is frustrating that our email is restricting our use in that I cannot share my documents with anyone outside the school district. For example, I tried to share a document with my personal email so I could work on it from home, and it denied me, stating that only members in my district have the rights to view that doc. I guess it is a privacy/safety issue, but it would be nice to be able to utilize this application with others who are not in the school district. Do you know any ways around that? If so, please tell me!

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