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The Big Shift is Happening- Are you shifting or not moving at all?

October 23, 2012

One of the major shifts happening in the world of Educational Technology is the impact it is having on the traditional classroom. In the past, students have had to master a vast amount of information and show their mastery by passing a test. This does not and should not be the case. Shift happens, and instructors can use Web 2.0 technologies to demand mastery of subjects that resemble things that students will actually do in the real world (Big Shift #9, Richardson 2010). How do you do this? Well, how about creating Project Based Learning around Web 2.0 technologies.

Although, I have been a believer in Project Based Learning; I have recently expanded this to include more Web 2.0 technologies. The advantage of this is two-fold, not only to have students acquire and master content; but also have those students develop skills that they will actually use in their careers. Students need to produce products not just take tests. It is not unusual in my class to have students produce PowerPoints, Prezi’s, Popplets, etc. They have to use Web 2.0 tools to contribute to Wiki’s, blogs, and discussion boards.

My views prior to taking a class on Web 2.0 technologies was that they should be used to enhance student experiences and the class has reinforced my thinking and reasoning behind there use. I now feel that I can be a teacher-leader at my site. This shift is happening and we all need to become familiar with the advantages of Web 2.0 and how it enhances the educational setting. I am really excited as an instructor because  I know  Web 2.0 can make my classes better.


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  1. I love hearing back from my students after they have graduated as they tell me about all the technologies they use in their college classes and places of employment. Some are technological tools they used in the classroom with me, and others are new ones that they learned since they’ve been in class with me–however, since they had the experience of learning something new, it isn’t completely foreign to them to go through the process of learning something new again. At the high school level, I’ve noticed some hesitation from students when they have to experiment with a new type of technology. Fortunately, it never fails to be something they enjoy once they “get it.”

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