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October 10, 2012

Wikis are a great tool for the classroom teacher. If you are thinking about a project that will having students collaborating, then a Wiki is for you. The idea behind a Wiki is to research and build information on your subject matter. As a social science teacher, I am excited by using a Wiki in class. Here is an example how one teacher used a Wiki to set up course expectations:

The idea that as an instructor I can have students work together to research and build a Wiki is very exciting, because I see the potential to shift learning from being teacher centered to student centered. Wikis are a great example of how Web 2.0 technologies can be used to enhance and support student learning. Here is an example of a well known educational Wiki:

Flat Classroom looks to promote learning by eliminating barriers to collaboration in education globally. The project looks to bring students from around the global together. A Wiki is a great tool for students who are seperated by distance (like in an online class). In the case of Flat Classroom, you have children (students) in the U. S. working with students in Asia through the use of a Wiki. I think this is amazing! Literally, there is no borders for your class. Ther World is truely open.

I have just worked on my first Wiki for class. The most challenging part of this was planning for what we wanted on the Wiki. My partner is on the east coast and I am on the west coast. We were able to get around this through posting and email. I thought we worked well together.

I also gained a respect for Wikipedia this week. I think students and instructors need to verify sources on any research they do. Wikipedia seems to have pretty accurate information. I think all teachers should be teachng research skills and  how to use Web 2.0. This includes how to use Wikipedia and what is valid or not.

If you have not tried Wikipedia or Wikis….well, get on over to the Wiki site and sign up for your own class Wiki!


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