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October 10, 2012

Image Citation: League of Women Voters. Retrieved October 10, 2012.


Flickr can be a great classroom tool for the educator. What a great way for students to share creative work through photos. As a high school online social science instructor, I believe I could use Flickr to have students in my U.S. History class create a photo journal on local historical sites. As we go through the election process, students in my American Government class could follow the election using photos of the Romney and Obama in action. They easily could create something like: ” A Day in the Life of a Presidential Candidate”.

The great part of Flickr is that you can share photos amongst a group. The instructor can limit access to the group and build that sharing function through putting classes into specific groups. This is probably the best feature of Flickr, you can keep these groups private and only share photos when you want. Another possibility of using Flickr is to find a class beyond your state or country to work with in the exchange of photos. You could easily work with other people on projects.

A real interesting project for any social science class would be the creation of a virtual field trip for students. This is really cool, since there really is no money in the budget for real field trips. Flickr allows the potential for the teacher and students to create these visual field trips. Imagine traveling to your favorite historical spot or museum without leaving your classroom.

Flickr is one of those Web 2.0 technologies that every teacher needs to become aware of and try to utilize with their classes.


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  1. Robert, you are so right, a virtual field trip is a great idea and in fact, one that I have already been working on for my children. Check out my blog I have been in San Diego for the past few days and have already been compiling a “virtual field trip” for my kids. I integrated the Google Earth feature into my Flickr photos and it works beautifully! Isn’t it great to be able to use these Web 2.0 technologies so freely? I would have loved to travel with my five children to San Diego, but it wasn’t in my budget. 🙂 However, we are all enjoying exploring this amazing place with the help of Flickr and Google Earth!

  2. I will definitely look at your blog. The virtual field trip you are working on sounds great. I think San Diego is great, my favorite part of SoCal. It is a great way to get your students to see other parts of the country without leaving home.

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