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The Power of Social Bookmarking- Have a Plan?

October 1, 2012

Social bookmarking is a great tool to share information within a professional group. Although, I do not have a twitter account; I am looking to set one up to follow some of the leading bloggers on technology in education. One way that I see the potential for social bookmarking is with Diigo. Currently, I am on our school sites leadership team and we have been discussing topics from technology in the classroom to developing a school wide grading policy. This means there are emails and links to everything you can think of. Often this is confusing and lots of information gets lost. So my plan would be to create a leadership group using Diigo. Here are the steps I would use to get the group to use Diigo.

1.  Since our Vice Principal is really the facilitator of this information, I would actually help her set up an account and a group.

2. At one of the leadership meetings, demostrate how Diigo could work.

3. Have the group start sharing bookmarks with each other.

This would be a great way to share information that we all are bringing to these issues, but we seem to lose or forget. We need information organization and this would absolutely help us share. Eventually, the group could expand to the staff and we could make this school wide.

I personally have signed up for two groups at this time on Diigo: Diigo in Education, and Web 2.0 tools for teachers. This seems like an easy way to access information on these topics, and I am excited to see that I can use Diigo to filter information I like to read and stay on top of.


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  1. This looks like a great plan to start implementing in your district. It seems as though you have thought about this and all its possibilities at great length. Please keep us updated as to how things pan out by sharing with us on your blog. Great idea, Robert!

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