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Learning via RSS

September 28, 2012

The internet can be overwhelming at times with all the information that is available out there. Who has time to process all this information. Today, we ask students to process this information at a rapid pace and as instructors have little time to surf the net along with all our daily duties. So, how do you solve this problem? How about using an RSS search to collect the information you would like and need to see. This is a powerful tool that allows us to get to the information we need. You can customize your search on Google and just get information on “Educational Technology” if you want. Instead of going out and searching the topic, just sit back and let the topic come to you.

Obviously, every online instructor will want to make sure that their students know how to use RSS to help them filter  information on the net. I know as a high school instructor that the students are very aware of using the net, but I have not seen many who utilize RSS and the potential to link information together for the puropose of research. You can link weblogs, do a news group search, follow other blogs, and set up your custom news site. This is a great tool and one that can help to make students much more successful in learning how to process and shrink the amount of information they go through on a given day.

RSS is a must teach section in any online or classroom setting.


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  1. jennhund permalink

    I think teaching this concept is just as important as using it for a class. If students knew that the information they need for ongoing assignments/projects could “just come to them” with RSS feeds, I think they would definitely be intrigued with learning this concept.

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