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Goals and Vision

September 22, 2012

Leading 21st Century Schools

It is my belief that our students must be prepared to work in a more competitive global setting. In order to prepare students for this, schools must incorporate 21st century skills into daily lessons. Web 2.0 and other educational technology offers instructors a chance to transform their classroom into a much more engaging environment for  students.  Instructional leaders are now being tasked with changing the current school culture to meet the needs of their students. At this time, students are much better at using Web 2.0 technology than teachers. Innovative leaders will have to push their t staff to work on meeting National Education Technology Standards. Professional Development will need to  be centered around promoting an environment of professional learning that empowers staff to enhance student learning through the infusion of current technologies and digital resources. Having a leader that is knowledgeable about educational technology in the class is vital to the future success of our schools.


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  1. The students we teach today will be living in a more global environment and using Web 2.0 tools will be a necessity. I like how you mention the National Education Technology Standards. So much focus is on math and language arts that teachers sometimes forget about technology and all it offers.

    • I agree with your statement about concern over math and language arts, we see this in our new common core standards. What we are forgetting is how valuable it is for students to have technology skills. We assume they do, but we need to teach using this technology and modeling it.

  2. I’m in a technology integration group that meets monthly. Three of us are in one location and the fourth is in another, about 1.5 hours away. Sometimes we meet face-to-face. Other times we meet using Google+ Hangouts (videoconferencing). Today we met at a high school which is sort of a midpoint between the two locations. We had never met there before, but they had a meeting room available and were kind enough to let us use it. This school has a 1:1 student computer initiative that is in its 2nd year. The principal dropped in and visited with us and shared information about the initiative. Later the assistant principal dropped in and visited also.

    The assistant principal talked about what a positive impact having the computers in student’s hands was having throughout the school. Not only was there a positive academic impact, but there were positive behavior changes as well. In past years they had multiple student referrals for behavior on a daily basis. To date, this year, he has had two, total. He attributes this, partially, to the way they have set up the expectations for responsibility on the part of the students for taking care of the computers and also their appropriate use. So… not only are they demonstrating greater achievement, the are demonstrating better citizenship within the school. Not an intended consequence of a 1:1 initiative, but certainly a welcome one.

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